Creative Aerial Antics Logo

Creative Aerial Antics

Creative Aerial Antics is a small group of non-stop creative individuals. They love music, colour, art, dressing up, makeup, photography, but most of all AERIALS AND POLE.

Creative Aerial Antics is dedicated to exploring ideas and opening up the creative minds of all to capture you in the moment.

Crunchtime Aerial Equipment

Crunchtime Aerial Equipment

Crunchtime Aerial Equipment are welding and fabrication specialists that can create any custom solution for you, whether it be an experimental aerial apparatus design or a custom freestanding aerial rig. They also have a wide range of aerial equipment and rigging products allowing you to choose your own size and specifications.

Crunchtime Aerial Equipment use the latest technologies available, so you can rely on them to produce some of the best quality products on the market.

You dream it, they create it!

Nin Yoga

Nin Yoga

Nin Yoga first began to manifest in 2017, with founder Annika Saigi, just returning from travelling and exploring these ancient traditions of Yoga overseas, and now keen to find a safe space to share the movement, breath and meditation locally in Western Sydney.

3 years later, after the birth of Nin Yoga St Marys, came Nin Yoga Blacktown, Nin Yoga Mt Druitt, and now just recently, Maya Movement. Another space, this time named after her daughter, for all walks of life to express and empower themselves exploring movements such as Handstands, Lyra, Aerial Yoga, Mobility, Weights, Barre, Pilates and Hoop Dance.

Sydney Pole Logo

Sydney Pole

Sydney Pole is a Pole Dancing & Fitness community established in 2013. Their goal has always been to bring people together through the positive power of pole, dancing and fitness.

Sydney Pole aims to create a community of fun, dedicated and passionate individuals who support and encourage each other to grow and flourish. All their studios are safe and inviting spaces for people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and genders who want to make friends, have fun and smash some pole & fitness goals!

RARR Designs Logo

Rarr Designs

Australian Activewear brand Rarr was created when they were on the hunt for quality, fun, inspiring activewear for alternative Womens fitness activities like pole dance, yoga, bikram yoga, booty barre, aerial fitness and your everyday day gym.

Rarr has always worked within fashion and sports apparel industries combining new fitness apparel trends with new fitness. Their designs flatter the female body and compliment their fast paced lifestyles and fitness activities.

Dreamscape Logo


Dreamscape was created with a vision to merge the high-quality video content of a production house and the extensive services of a creative agency for the purpose of a one-stop-shop for Artistic Individuals and Businesses.

Based in Sydney, Australia – they separate themselves from most video production houses/agencies by delivering content with a high-end International look and feel.

Dreamscape’s mission is simple; taking your dream and making it a reality.

Emily Jane Tattoo

Emily Jane Tattoo

Emily Jane found her love for tattooing through the heavy metal scene in Sydney at an early age. She’s been tattooing now for over 7 years across Australia and other countries. She currently resides at Tattoo Rosies, in Surry Hills. She loves drawing and tattooing along the themes of love, occult, medieval, death and all things esoteric. She loves working with her clients ideas and transforming her paintings into permanent art.

As an artist of many mediums she also creates chainmail, fine silver jewellery as well as custom art commissions.