ETERNITY Workshops

25th June 2023 

Pole Fanatics – Factory 3/ 5 Kelletts Road, Rowville VIC  

$75 per person for 1.5 hour workshop.
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9:30am | Intro to Chains (1.5 hours)

Intro to Chains (1.5 hours) – 9:30am

The Metal Aerialist

(Maximum 9 people)

In this workshop you will get a taste for Chains, learning a variety of different tricks and spins! You will leave feeling the most metal you have ever felt!   
Please note that Chains are not a particularly friendly apparatus! Prepare yourself for a bit of pain and bruising. Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt for ultimate coverage. 

Pre-requisites: must have experience on another apparatus. 

Introduction to Chains Workshop
10:30am | Silks Drops (1.5 hours)

Silks Drops (1.5 hours) – 10:30am

Shaunah Johnson

(Maximum 8 people)

Shaunah will get your adrenaline pumping as you learn these thrilling drops with spins and splits. She is excited to bring some of her favourites to you and encourages you to come give it a go!

Pre-Requisite: Can straddle/invert (bent arms or legs is okay, just comfortable straddling. At the top as well). Comfortable climbing to the top or close to. Can hip lock/scissors.

Silks Drops Workshop
11:00am | Play on Pentagram (1.5 hours)

Play on Pentagram (1.5 hours) – 11:00am

The Metal Aerialist

(Maximum 10 people)

Have you seen that Aerial Pentagram round the place and imagined what you would look like perched upon it?! Now is your chance! In Penty’s first ever visit to VIC, The Metal Aerialist will take you through some solo, doubles and triples tricks!  

Pre-requisites: Can get on/off a Lyra or Trapeze without assistance. Can climb Silks at least half way off the ground.  

Aerial Pentagram Workshop
12:00pm | Lyra Advanced Sequences (1.5 hours)

Lyra Advanced Sequences (1.5 hours) – 12:00pm

Shaunah Johnson

(Max 8 people)

Shaunah can’t wait to share some of her favourite sequences and enlighten you to move in a different way. She is known for her movement in the air and is excited to create with some new faces!

Pre-requisites: Can straddle/invert. Comfortable getting on/off hoop.

Lyra Advanced Sequences Workshop

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