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Creative Aerial Antics

Creative Aerial Antics is a small group of non-stop creative individuals. They love music, colour, art, dressing up, makeup, photography, but most of all AERIALS AND POLE. Creative Aerial Antics is dedicated to exploring ideas and opening up the creative minds of all to capture you in the moment.

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Sydney Pole

Sydney Pole is a Pole Dancing & Fitness community established in 2013. Their goal has always been to bring people together through the positive power of pole, dancing and fitness. Sydney Pole aims to create a community of fun, dedicated and passionate individuals who support and encourage each other to grow and flourish. All their studios are safe and inviting spaces for people of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and genders who want to make friends, have fun and smash some pole & fitness goals!

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Raw Element Physiotherapy

Raw Element Physiotherapy was established to provide a valuable service for Aerialists and Dancers. Here at R.E.P we believe in the integrity of honest and pure movement and understand the demands that this unique industry plays on the body. Our aim is to restore movement and patterning dysfunction that may have resulted from injury and or illness.

The difference is in our approach to therapy and our ability to adapt a modern perspective for our clients. Respect for the human body drives our therapist, as she understands all potentials for change.

We have the ability to enhance the performance of those training at either the recreational or professional level so that all requirements are adequately addressed.

Find out more at rawelementphysiotherapy.com.